Junior & Adolescent Training and Development

School Clinics

Do It Yourself

Adventures, Experiences & Tours

These can include; Playing/Watching Sport, Beach Trips, Nature Walks/Mountain Climbs, Movies, Arcades, Activities, Go Karting, Tree Top Challenges, or anything at all you’d like!

Foundational Movement & Motor Skill Coordination

This is my main focus when training youth.

I will teach your child or children an effective way to move their own body in a fun, enjoyable environment to keep them engaged and interested so they can progress their foundational motor skills.
This will improve neuromuscular coordination and therefore improve technique, so they can reduce their likelihood of injury and excel at any physical tasks they are likely to perform both now and throughout their entire life.

Here we can also practice foot and hand eye coordination, throwing, kicking, aiming and catching. This will help your child’s motor skill acquisition, neuromuscular coordination and spatial awareness.

Give your child the building blocks to reach their potential!

Along with the physical health benefits, my aim will be to improve your child’s confidence and discipline while making sure they always feel supported.

I can provide these services in a positive, safe, flexible and low-pressure environment.

Numerous studies have reported that fundamental motor skill acquisition is clearly associated with the development of neuromotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills in childhood (Gallahue et al., 2003; Lubans et al., 2010; Cameron et al., 2012; Logan et al., 2012; Lloyd et al., 2014; Diamond, 2015; Oberer et al., 2017; Van Capelle et al., 2017; Taunton et al., 2018)

For your peace of mind, I’m also fully insured and have a current Blue Card.

speed and strength training for youth
youth strength training

Families and siblings training together?

If you’re interested in training for your entire family, whether together or in separate sessions, get in touch so we can figure out a reduced rate package!


All youth and children’s services include;

  • Consistent plan updates to keep them improving, interested and focused
  • Constant supervision to focus on technique
  • Catering for any activity or goal you have in mind
  • Continuing training and education at home
  • Questionnaires assessing stress, recovery and mood
  • Education on the importance of why they’re doing what they’re doing to
    increase buy-in
  • Consistent monitoring to ensure engagement and enjoyment of what they’re doing

This will all be completely individualised for you or your child depending on age, weight and movement proficiency, amongst other factors.

This will also be an open place for your child to express themselves.

By focusing on individual activity and all aspects of health and diet in and out of our sessions, we can improve overall performance and function while reducing the risk of injury, psychological distress and burnout.

I teach children to be good winners and losers and teach them it’s okay to fail, but to use that as fuel to improve and succeed into the future.
This has the ability to improve their mental resilience.

Parents can be as involved or uninvolved as they wish. This can include staying and supporting your child for their first session or on an ongoing basis.
Additionally, everything can be explained to you, the parent/carer and your children so everyone can be on the same page.

Along with all of the key elements included in my Added Value, this will have the potential to;

Improve fitness and concentration, posture, balance, hand-eye coordination, self-esteem, confidence, speed, strength, agility, endurance and encourage healthy growth, development and socialisation.


Performing under pressure Pressure can impact information processing, decision making and performance, but threat threshold is a capacity that can be trained. Through acclimatisation, distraction and self-focused interventions it is possible to increase threat tolerance, which can aid in performance under pressure. Some examples include – Having an external focus, training the gaze behaviour (quiet eye) right before the initiation of a movement and even training under stress or a mildly anxious state. This can be utilised by any individual or group where applicable.

Junior & Adolescent Training and Development

Once competent in foundational movement patterns, we can move onto the next level of exercise prescription.

Here we can build on the neuromuscular coordination already established to take you or your child to the next level and move on to more specific styles of training and exercises.

Whether you’re looking for specific improvement or improvement across the board, we can customise any of my services to create an individualised program tailored towards any goal you wish.

This is a flexible option that can work around any other commitments your child may have.
Additionally, all exercise prescription and training can be designed in conjunction with any other health professionals you’re seeing.

School Clinics

Would you like your students feeling great, more productive and energetic at school?

By adding a beneficial and educational, yet fun and social component to their regular school week, I can help to make this happen.

I can come to your school and provide sessions or clinics on general health, movement patterns, motor skills and neuromuscular coordination or specific sports.
This can either be during or after school hours.

The fundamentals of these programs can be the same, but will be tailored to each individual student.

I can offer multiple modes of delivery for your convenience and can provide health and exercise education and educational materials.

Together with school, teacher, parent and student input, we can come up with clearly defined objectives to improve health, enjoyment and productivity.
Consistent measurement and monitoring of program effectiveness and performance will ensure we’re on the right track.


Please get in touch via your preferred method or the Contact Tab at the top of the page, and we can figure out a package that works for your children, students, family or school.

Do It Yourself

Are you interested in training yourself?

Is your child interested in training themselves?

Don’t have the free time or money to be running between sessions and paying professionals?

Get them a crash course in how to train and move more effectively first to help them improve their coordination whilst avoiding injuries.

This will be completely individualised for your child and I can plan and alter training and exercise prescription accordingly as they grow and develop.

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