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Playing Sport makes exercising FUN!

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An effective resistance and aerobic training program, whether integrated with a sport or not, can make everyday life easier.
Along with being a great social activity, it has the ability to improve your health across the board.

Better sleep, lower resting and active heart rate, reduced soreness, the ability to perform mental and physical activities more easily, move more efficiently, improved mental health, improved cardiovascular health and improved muscular strength and endurance are just some of the benefits you can experience with these types of activity.
This is the best preventative health measure a person can take, and the benefits to your overall health are almost endless.

I can improve your motor skills by teaching you the fundamental technique of an activity or movement relevant to your body and experience level, which will then give you the best opportunity to improve and excel. Not to mention the decreased risk of sustaining an injury.

The more proficient you are at a sport the more likely you are to play and enjoy it over a longer period of time. Keeping you active for longer and making it easier to integrate sport and exercise both now and throughout your entire life.

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Completing my Strength & Conditioning practical hours and training through the University of the Sunshine Coasts Sports Clinic, I worked with National and State level athletes ranging all the way from BMX and Triathletes to AFL, NRL, MMA & Weightlifting athletes.
I even had the pleasure to help train Australian Paralympians.
I was also the Strength & Conditioning Coach for prospective NRL referees with the NRL’s Emerging Academy Program.
So, you can rest assured I have the knowledge and experience needed to improve your performance and help you reach your goals.

Get yourself or your team engaged with challenging but enjoyable activities, drills and education.
From one-on-one sessions to an entire team or organisation capable of being catered for at any time and location, depending on your needs.
Available for any age, skill and competition level.
Available for training and game days at home and away venues as well as your training facility.

Simple yet overlooked lifestyle factors such as chronic lack of sleep is associated with increased sports injuries in adolescent athletes.
– Milewski et al. in J Pediatr Orthop 2014.
So, by focusing on individual activity and all aspects of health and diet in and out of our sessions, we can improve overall performance and function while reducing the risk of injury, psychological distress and burnout.
All exercise prescription and training can be designed in conjunction with your coach, team, club and/or organisation.

Additionally, by only showing sporting successes and not failures, children are encouraged to continue playing sport in an effort to reach the top level on both the national and international stage. This dishonesty encourages children to play through by showing false success.
Knowing that they can play and enjoy sport the rest of their lives, regardless of whether they make it to the top level or not is what should be encouraged amongst youth sportspeople.

I teach children to be good winners and losers and teach them it’s okay to fail, but to use that as fuel to improve and succeed into the future.

In regards to youth, parents can be as involved or uninvolved as they wish.

Strength and Sport Training
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Health fitness sport training

For all S&C and Sports Training the benefits include;

  • Consistent plan updates to keep you improving, interested and focused
  • Constant supervision to ensure efficient technique
  • Catering for any activity or goal you have in mind
  • Continuing training and education at home
  • Questionnaires assessing athlete stress, recovery and mood
  • Educating players and athletes on the importance of why they’re doing what they’re doing to increase buy-in
  • Consistent monitoring to ensure athletes are engaged and enjoying what they’re doing

This will be an open place for expression.
If you’re involved in team sport, you’ll know that understanding each other improves cohesion and performance between teammates.

This will include;

Fitness tests and testing – for the individual or your entire sporting team.

This testing will help me gain further insight into what makes you the athlete that you are and how best I can serve you.

Here I will combine the evidence gathered from our initial consultation or session, along with the individual and positional requirements specific to your sport and age group to create an actionable and achievable program able to give you the outcome you desire.
These programs can then be designed in conjunction with your coach, team, club and/or organisation and will be inclusive of your seasonal and competition phases.

Testing and assessment can be performed and will include key data on your strengths, areas of improvement and even performance recommendations. This can also be completed throughout your normal sessions to ensure time isn’t wasted on this for an entire session.

While I can absolutely schedule in testing days and sessions, we do not have to have entire sessions dedicated to this, as I can test specifically and through your feedback during normal sessions to help you avoid added time and stress on athletes, parents and coaches.
These results will be continually collated and can be provided to you for your own reference.
Additionally, this can also be useful information for health professionals, sporting teams and talent scouts!
All of this invaluable information and feedback will help to structure future sessions, tests and assessments.

Health and Fitness Training For Sport
Beerwah Health and Fitness Training For Sport
Beerwah Australia Health and Fitness Training For Sport


Studies consistently show that supervised and planned resistance training is dramatically more effective than unsupervised training due to the increased training adherence, intensity and volume, therefore improving overall training quality.


We can take this supervised training a step further by filming athletes both playing and training.
Utilisation of footage and reviewing plays and form to develop and improve team or individual tactics, dynamics, techniques and overall performance.
This is also a great tool to screen for potential injury risk.

Performing under pressure

Pressure can impact information processing, decision making and performance, but threat threshold is a capacity that can be trained.
Through acclimatisation, distraction and self-focused interventions it is possible to increase threat tolerance, which can aid in performance under pressure.
This can also improve mental resilience.
Some examples include – Having an external focus, training the gaze behaviour (quiet eye) right before the initiation of a movement and even training under stress or a mildly anxious state.
This can be utilised by any individual or team where applicable.

Training For Health and Fitness
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Sport and strength training Australia

Sports Training

Sports training and exercise for fun, fitness and recreational athletes

Being involved in a sport can be a great social and interactional activity.
This aspect of sport is extremely undervalued and can be incredibly beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Something that has become increasingly important during the last few years.
If desired I can help you become involved recreationally if you’re just looking for someone to play with, or I can assist in getting you involved in club sport.
Unfortunately, but understandably, many children and adults don’t play any sport or rarely even exercise simply because they are self-conscious about their abilities or feel like they won’t be treated equally because of their skill level and ability.
People having fun, socialising and enjoying themselves while remaining safe and injury free should be the main reasons exercise professionals and sporting organisations should be trying to get you involved. The health benefits are just gravy!
Having said that, possessing proficient skills during exercise and sport can be extremely advantageous.
By no means do you have to be a superstar, but the better you are at something the more likely you are to enjoy it, stick to it and help prevent yourself from getting injured.
Additionally, motor skill learning is improved through a variety of activities.
You don’t have to specialise.
So, if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t want to embarrass yourself, are lacking confidence, feel intimidated by gyms and club sport or just want a little help, I can provide these services in a safe, flexible and low-pressure environment.
I can help you become more confident in yourself, your body, your movement and your coordination so you can be happy whether in the middle of an activity or not.
This is a great option if you haven’t exercised or played sport in a while and are looking to do some preparation before getting involved again or to improve performance and reduce injuries if you’re already playing or training.

Fun and Fitness Sport training
Australia Fun and Fitness Sport training
Outdoor Sport training

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Individualised exercise prescription for the amateur all the way up to the elite

Interested for yourself or interested getting your team involved?
Want you or your team, club or organisation to be ahead of the competition?
Interested in improving you or your players/athletes ability and their enjoyment of the game?
Looking to improve your weaknesses without losing your strengths?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re looking to make it as a professional or you just want to beat your mates, I can develop and implement the right exercise prescription and training methods to get you or your team there.
This can be integrated in with your current training or can be run through separate sessions.

These athlete/player appropriate programs can vary from simple, easy to stick to programs, all the way up to professional periodised, all-inclusive training programs.
Through all of these modalities I can utilise styles of training to improve speed, agility, power, strength, aerobic endurance, hand-eye coordination, increase muscle mass, improve mobility, flexibility & balance, reduce body fat and prevent injuries.

Get in touch and we can figure out a package that works for you or your team.

Sport and Training Fitness
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Sport Specific Training

Sports Training and Strength & Conditioning coaching tailored to your specific sport/position

Want to see real results, get PB’s and prevent injuries?

Whether for you, the individual, or for your entire sporting team. I can improve your performance with exercises and training methods specialised for your sport, position and individual attributes.

**This is not intended to replace the sport itself, but rather increase your capacity to enhance your sporting performance. There is, and never will be anything more ‘Sport Specific’ than playing the sport itself.

While focusing on one sport is fine, it’s better to have a more generalised approach to reduce the risk of overuse injuries and burnout.
This is true for all ages, but is especially relevant to children.
The bulk of your programming can absolutely be ‘sport specific’, but learning different skills from other sports can actually aid in progression for you and or your team’s specialised sport through skills transfer.

Think of how a basketball player may be able to utilise their close-range agility to manoeuvre and avoid opponents while finding the right passing option, and how this may help an AFL or NRL player avoid being tackled while being able to determine the correct passing option when swarmed by opposition players.
Three of the greatest athletes to ever live; Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and Lebron James, all played multiple sports growing up, including; football, soccer, baseball and even skiing!

On site Sport training
On site Sport training Australia
physical activities for kids

On site Sports Trainer services

SMA qualified Sports Trainer for Game Day, Training & Community Events

Having a Sports Medicine Australia qualified Sports Trainer on site for your sporting events can be an enormous benefit to the health and safety of all players, coaches, staff and spectators involved.

I can provide preventative and injury management taping, strapping and first aid where necessary and am trained to handle on court/field injuries and incidents, including; concussions, joint and soft tissue injuries, wound, sting and allergy management, first aid & CPR.

All relevant first aid equipment can be provided if necessary (Not including stretchers).
Fully covered with professional indemnity & public liability insurance.

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