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Working with Paralympic athletes truly sparked my passion for helping people with a disability. Hopping in the chair and competing against these athletes was the point I realised just how capable they are. How they overcome adversity and excel beyond what is ever thought capable is truly remarkable.
Needless to say, I was handily put in my place. Almost as if someone stuck a stick in my spokes…
(this is my defence to this day).
But with the athlete’s encouragement and manoeuvrability tips with the wheelchair, I was able to make enough improvement to provide some kind of defence, or an obstacle at the very least…

A large gym filled with people can be intimidating for anyone, let alone someone with a disability.
So, for those of you not confident in joining a gym, my business will act as a bridge for people to access services in a safe environment.
My aim is to improve your own self-belief whilst also changing the perception people have around people with injury, illness and/or a disability.
You can do anything!

Services can be specialised and tailored to any client with a disability or a part of the NDIS.

(This includes Exercise Physiology, Personal Training & Support/Community work)

Whether you want to improve your strength, aerobic fitness, sporting ability, or you just want to get moving to feel happier and healthier, we can utilise any of my services and work together to create a plan that you’ll love so I can help you achieve your goals!

If your plan doesn’t incorporate any of these services, please contact me so we can utilise the support category you have available.

Support/Community Work can also include;


Playing/Watching Sport, Beach Trips, Nature Walks/Mountain Climbs, Movies, Arcades, Activities, Go Karting, Tree Top Challenges, or anything at all you’d like!

Depending on the type of training undertaken, along with all of the key elements included in my Added Value, this will have the potential to;

Improve motor skill/neuromuscular coordination
Reduce depression and anxiety
Improve sleep and self-esteem
Increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.

All exercise prescription and training can be designed in conjunction with any other health professionals you’re seeing.

Group bookings

If you’re interested in group training with other NDIS clients and people with a disability, get in touch to show your interest!

My studio is of course wheelchair accessible.

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