Initial Consultations

All new clients will need to have an initial consultation.

Upon booking your initial consultation, please advise in notes which service option you intend to use so I can send through the appropriate pre-exercise questionnaires via your preferred method.

(S&C and Sports Training – While advised for all, this is not technically necessary if you’ve had one recently as part of a health assessment for your sporting team)

You will meet with me after filling in some forms describing you, why you came to see me, your health history and your health goals.
If you haven’t sought guidance or been given clearance to exercise, that’s okay, I will perform an examination/assessment to see if I’ll need you to seek guidance or obtain medical clearance.
Otherwise, I’ll refer you to someone of your choosing or someone I know can help.
This mostly goes for clients with chronic pain and clients with current or recent injuries and illnesses, but can be relevant to anyone.

I will listen to you and your story, assess your movement in relation to your history, and see what is and isn’t doing its job.
Once I’ve gathered all this information, which can include reports, scans and tests you’ve provided me with, I can come up with a clear plan and program to help you achieve your health, performance and wellbeing goals.

A plan will then be discussed with you before we proceed through any further sessions to ensure you’re happy moving forward.
No pressure or obligation.

I’m also happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns or suggestions you have.

Initial consultation will consist of;

  • Gathering all important information about why you’ve sought out my services and expertise, and in turn how I will plan on helping you achieve your goals
  • Gathering of information related to your pain journey so I can get a clear timeline of your previous injuries, including emotional and physical traumas (For people with chronic pain and/or health issues)
  • Finalising your APSS (Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System)
  • Discussion of your pre-exercise questionnaire answers and results
  • Photogrammetric postural assessment, along with biomechanics and gait analysis (To determine movement quality & any movement dysfunction) *
  • Testing and assessment as required to assess speed, strength, mobility, power, endurance, stability and flexibility.*
  • Testing hand-eye coordination*

*Testing and assessment in areas relevant and necessary to you and your goals.

Benefits include

  • Getting an idea of your current health and peace of mind knowing you’ve been professionally cleared to commence training
  • Knowing what your body is currently capable of and where it could end up
  • Knowing the advice is coming from someone who’s been through a similar situation, circumstance and experience (For people with chronic pain & injuries & involved in sport)
  • Learn what to do outside of your appointment for your own care
  • Numerous contacts and experience with other allied health professionals if in need of referrals or advice

If you’ve previously had any injuries or illness, you can send through any radiology reports and imaging (X-rays & MRIs), AHP, GP or Specialist reports or any additional information or notes that may assist.

Pain management training

I can work in conjunction with your current GP, AHP, Specialist, Sports Coaches, Trainers and/or health team.
This can include your physiotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, dietitian, nurse, exercise physiologist, occupational therapist, podiatrist, chiropractor, carer, masseuse, teacher, boss or anyone else you deem relevant.
Or alternatively, I can help build a team around you dedicated to your health, performance and wellbeing.
If for any reason I’m not able to help you, I’ll refer you on to someone who can.

This is of course, completely up to you, and if you’re healthy and ready to train, no one else even needs to be involved.

Communication is vitally important to get the best possible experience and outcome. So, tell me if you’re not enjoying your training or if something is painful right away, and we can change it up and address your concerns.

Let’s figure out what works for you!

For yourself, the parent, partner or carer

Feel free to watch TV, read, have some snacks, coffee, tea or refreshments in studio.
You can also sit outside or even bring your pet to run around in the large fenced yard!
Just enquire about this one first so I have time to prepare (haha).

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