Corporate/Workplace Health Training

Want to show your employees you care about their physical and mental health?

Prevent sick days and get your employees feeling great, more productive and energetic at work by adding a beneficial and educational, yet fun and social component to shake up the same old mundane working week.

Workplace Health

I can come to your workplace and provide sessions or clinics on practises to improve you and your employees working postures, productivity, enjoyment, engagement and healthy work practises.

You can utilise any of my services and I can come up with tailored programs and exercise prescriptions for you, your employees and your workplace.

This will be completely individualised for you and your employees. No generic programs here.

I can offer multiple modes of delivery for your convenience and can provide health and exercise education and educational materials.

Together with employer and employee input, we can come up with clearly defined objectives to improve health, enjoyment and productivity.
Consistent measurement and monitoring of program effectiveness and performance will ensure we’re on the right track.

This can also include;

  • Ready for work training and compulsory functional movement, with an emphasis on injury prevention for labour intensive jobs.
  • Great for current and potential ARFSS and air services personnel, paramedics, police officers, mining workers, defence force personnel, firefighters, life guards, tradies and labourers.
  • Fitness training to pass tests
  • Whether for the police force, mines, defence force, fire brigade or lifeguard personnel, I can create a program so you can pass your fitness testing with flying colours.
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Depending on the type of training undertaken, along with all of the key elements included in my Added Value, this will have the potential to;

• Increased concentration and productivity
• Improve workplace culture and health
• Have staff who feel appreciated
• Reduce illness and injuries
• Reduce absenteeism
• Reduce presenteeism
• Reduce staff turnover
• Reduce health care, workers compensation and disability costs

• Improve corporate image
• Increase teamwork and camaraderie
• Create a more positive work environment
• Increase self-confidence and self-appreciation
• Improve energy levels
• Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
• Increase happiness and improved mood
• Build employee trust, pride and commitment


Please get in touch via your preferred method or from the Contact Tab at the top of the page, and we can figure out a package that’s affordable for your workplace.

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