Group & Outdoor Fitness Training

Do you enjoy socialising and using others to increase your motivation, drive and competitiveness?

Do you enjoy the extra structure and support you receive from others in a group training environment?

Regardless of your goals, you will be in a supportive group with similar levels of fitness and you will not be discriminated against regardless of your fitness level or chosen activity.
This will be a multi-faceted approach in a friendly, enjoyable environment, whilst being under constant supervision to ensure proficient technique.

Consistent plan updates will be included to keep you improving, interested and focused (Frequency of updates will depend on several factors) and all group sizes and types can be catered for, including children, families and workplaces, and can be available at any location you choose. (Depending on numbers)

As I’m just starting my business I will have to wait until I have the numbers to start group classes for some services.
But I would ideally like to have the option for group training to be available for any of my services.

If you’re interested please get in touch via your preferred method or from the Contact Tab at the top of the page.

Additional Outdoor training
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Motor Skills Coordination

Whether you’re looking to improve your coordination broadly or specifically, whether young or old, coming back from injury or completely healthy, this will help you not only with exercise and sport, but seemingly simple tasks will become easier throughout your everyday life.

Although motor skill learning can be specialised, it is improved more quickly and thoroughly through a variety of activities.
Your goals, health, skill level and enjoyment will determine the activities and exercises that we will use.

Along with all the benefits of neuromuscular training, better hand eye coordination, improved dexterity, better aim and improved ability on both sides of the body are just some of the potential benefits that can be seen by training your motor skill coordination.

Weight Loss Training

Learn how to safely exercise and lose weight at a pace and frequency that can be maintained throughout your entire life.

No crazy exercises or diets, just suitable exercise prescription combined with nutrient dense foods that you enjoy.
This is the most sustainable and effective way to lose weight safely.

Some of the potential benefits include;

Increased metabolism and muscle mass
Reduced body fat percentage
Pressure taken off your joints, ligaments and bones
Improved self-esteem and wellbeing

We will consider all the other factors that come into play, such as stress, genetics, sleep and medications, all while working in with your dietitian or nutritionist if you wish.

Cardiovascular Training

Improve your cardiovascular health with exercises and equipment that take the usual strain encountered through aerobic exercise off your body.

While any preference in aerobic activity can be catered for, a high focus will be placed on reducing wear and tear through activities and equipment like swimming and hydrotherapy, exercises bikes, rowing machines, climbing and walking.  At least until you’re conditioned to higher impact exercise.

Some of the potential benefits include;

Lowering your blood pressure
Helping to regulate blood sugar, reducing the symptoms of asthma and chronic pain
Aiding in sleep, regulating weight and strengthening your immune system
Improving brain power and mood (psychological training) and reducing your risk of falls

weight loss training
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Bodybuilding & Strength Training

If you’re looking at becoming bigger or stronger, all while preventing injury and ensuring longevity with the tough demands this style of training can put on your body, then you’ve come to the right place!

I will induce hypertrophy (either sarcomere or sarcoplasmic) to improve muscle size and strength, increase tendon and ligament strength and resiliency and reduce your body fat percentage.

Some of the potential benefits include;

Improved focus and cognitive function
Decreased anxiety and depressive symptoms
Increased self-esteem
Decreased risk of dementia and reduced markers of inflammation (particularly in people who are overweight)
Decreased cholesterol and blood pressure
Improved insulin-swings for those with type 2 diabetes and improved insulin-sensitivity
Increased metabolic rate
Reversing of ageing factors in mitochondria and muscles
Increases in bone mineral density (prevents bone loss) and increases in muscle mass, improved movement control and balance, reductions in chronic lower back pain, arthritic pain and pain from fibromyalgia. –

bodybuilding training program
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Plyometrics training (IMPROVE SPEED & POWER)

Along with an effective strength training program, plyometric training can be added into your exercise prescription if I believe it can deliver you results aligned with your goals.

Some of the potential benefits include;

Strengthening fast twitch fibres in the muscles
Increased strength of tendons and ligaments
Enhancing efficiency of the neuromuscular system and increased muscle recruitment, allowing you to produce higher levels of force during relevant physical activity.

This will all be done while accommodating for the neural fatigue that comes with this style of training.

Seniors/Masters Training

Helping the older population remain youthful, invigorated, happy, healthy and moving!
Here we can focus on preventing injury and improving your strength, endurance, coordination and balance through functional training based around making your everyday life easier.
From simple exercises aimed at helping you sit, stand, lift and prevent falls, up to more complex exercises to improve your performance while exercising or playing sport.
It’s never too late, and you can always improve!

This is aimed at helping you remain active, happy and healthy throughout later life.
Whether in a 1 on 1 or a group session, this can help you save on health costs in the future, while adding a social aspect that can’t be underestimated when it comes to improving your health and happiness.

I will also ensure you don’t start too hard and take extra caution if you’re coming back from an injury, or have been sedentary for an extended period of time.

wellbeing training
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By improving the way you move and adapting to any unforeseen circumstances, you give yourself the best chance of being able to do what you want long into the future.
You’ll learn injury prevention techniques to avoid getting injured again, or in the first place at all!
By improving the way you move during both resistance and aerobic exercise you can also reduce wear and tear on muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, allowing you the freedom of movement and reduced pain, for now and later in life.

Some potential benefits include;

Living longer
Preventing falls
Reducing and preventing the risk of disease including; stroke and heart attack
Increased bone density and delaying osteoporosis
Reducing the risk of developing dementia
Becoming more confident and independent not only with your body, but during your everyday tasks and life.

Mobile Training

Looking for convenient options?

Like to train where you prefer?

Depending on the suitability of the location, any of the services I provide have the potential to be utilised in a location of your choice.

I can provide you with a guided workout, tailored to the individual needs of you and whoever else is training with you, all from the comfort of your own home, or at any location you choose.

Parks? Beaches? Mountains? Sporting Clubs? It’s all possible.
Just tell me where and we’ll make it happen.

– This can even include training out of your current gym if they allow it.
Dependent on what the gym has available, any of my services may be utilised.

I will bring all relevant equipment to you or we can even utilise your own equipment, saving you extra time, travel and money.

Whatever makes it easier for you.

plyometrics training

Night Owl?

I’m one myself and completely understand people preferring to be active at night.
Some people just work better, both physically and mentally, and are more engaged at seemingly obscure times.
With this in mind, my services will be made available at all hours.
Hours in my studio are restricted by law from 8am to 6pm, but unless explicitly stated, we can work together anywhere else at any time.

Remote Zoom/Skype/Tele-Health Consultations

With a remote session we can work together over Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger or Skype.
After an initial consultation and an assessment of your movement patterns, I can develop a program tailored to you and your goals.

From here I’m able to train you virtually by utilising your own equipment or by making the best use of what you have available, all while watching and assessing your technique and providing cues and tips as you exercise to help prevent injury and increase your motivation and exercise adherence.

Interested in training yourself or with your family, friends or partner?

Looking for more flexible training options?

I can create completely individualised programs tailored to each individual and their goals.
By getting a crash course directed at improving movement patterns and exercise technique, you can help to avoid the injuries commonly encountered when starting a new training program.
This can be done virtually or in person at any location.

After this you are free to continue training yourself or yourselves.
Checking in every now and again to update programs and assess form is recommended, but by no means necessary. Although if you or anyone in your group have at least one training session per month, in-person or virtually, they will receive program updates free of charge.

Program Writing, Testing & Assessment

Whether you’ve been training for years or you’re just getting started, I can design a program to deliver the results you’re after so you can do it yourself or with minimal guidance. From simple, easy to stick to programs, all the way up to professional, periodised, all-inclusive programs.
Clear, consistent plan updates will be provided to keep you accountable, interested, focused and improving.

Testing, assessment and program writing can be utilised as an individual service if desired, or included free of charge with any session booked, including online.
This is great for remote clients, FIFO workers and people who just need a tune up or overhaul if their current program has become a bit stale or they’re not seeing the improvements they desire.

This testing and assessment can be one off or can be utilised on an ongoing basis.
It will be specific to your needs and goals and the results will then provide quantifiable information, essential for establishing a baseline and making it easier to track your progression and come up with future programs and tests tailored to your rate of improvement.
This will include key data on your strengths, areas of improvement and even performance recommendations.

These results will then be provided to you or if testing is ongoing will be continually collated and can be provided to you for your own reference.
Additionally, this can also be useful information for health professionals, sporting teams and talent scouts!

Training Bundles

Here you have the ability to bundle any of my services together to build the custom package you’re after to get an overall discount.
This is great for partners, families or people interested in utilising multiple services, whether the same or different.

If you plan on coming in for repeat sessions this is a great way to save some money.
Knowing you have multiple upcoming sessions keeps you accountable and gives you more incentive to train.
Training bundles are shareable between partners and family members. You can also swap out one service for another if you provide at least 48 hours’ notice.

Mix ’n’ Match any of my services!

All training bundles are shareable between family members and partners!

5 pack of 1-hour 1 on 1 sessions – $295. Save $50!
10 pack of  1-hour 1 on 1 sessions – $545. Save $145! 
20 pack of 1-hour bundles – $995. Save $385!

(All exclude initial consultation)

Nothing here suit your needs?

If you’d like to train with others, for different session lengths or you’re chasing an alternate number of sessions, just let me know, and we can come up with a package that’ll suit your needs.


◦ Dexa body scans can be organised if you would like accurate body composition measurements (including muscle mass, bone density and body fat percentage) $49-$120