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There is nothing more important than your health.

So invest in your health, happiness and wellbeing.
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A personalised service without rival, The Chronic Pain Trainer™ is here to make your life easier, so you can focus your time and effort on yourself and our sessions. From easy booking and payment options to a wide range of services being available anywhere, anytime.

This is a completely individualised experience, all the way down to the air conditioning being set to your preferred temperature before you come in.

Starting is the hardest part, so get in contact and let’s figure out what works for you.

It’s never too late.

Testimonials & Reviews

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How I differ from my competitors
(what I do & who I've worked with)

I started The Chronic Pain Trainer™ to help anyone and everyone improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

To teach people a better way to move their body so they can get fit, strong and healthy, prevent injury, reduce pain and perform at their best.

My services differ from my competitors because of my superior focus on pacing and graded exposure, my multi-faceted training methods, my unique skill set and my personal, lived experiences regarding chronic pain and injury prevention, allowing me to be able to genuinely empathise with my clients.

Whether you’re in pain or not, I can help you become more aware of your body and movements. Teaching you the fundamentals, whilst accommodating for the natural technique and style unique to your own body, aiding in beneficial postural changes and improving your neuromuscular coordination.

I know how important finding good health, fitness and/or well-being professionals is, and how important it can be to get people on the right track & give them a Roadmap/Plan out that is Sustainable, Realistic, Affordable and Limits injuries/flare ups.  So I offer up a lot of my time and put as much effort into your plans as I did and do with my own.

I do this by listening and recording every piece of information both you and I deem relevant, completing a host of exploratory exercises, and then creating your individualised exercise & session plan & prescription.

This will be tailored to your goals, capacity, health, sport, condition and/or pain levels, to sustainably improve your health, strength, fitness, mobility and/or pain, whilst reducing the likelihood of injuries and flare ups. 

This also includes a plan for outside our sessions/at home.

I will also create your own, unique Goals & Tips sheet, provide check in’s, updates, education, monitoring and even questionnaires where necessary.


The services I provide (listed below), are suitable for absolutely everyone, but may provide the most benefit to those who are injury prone or not confident or interested in joining a gym.  This can act as a bridge/conduit for people to access services in a safe, flexible, enjoyable and low-pressure environment.  I can help you become more confident in yourself, your body, your movement and your coordination. 

The better you are at something the more likely you are to enjoy it and stick to it. So if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t want to embarrass yourself, are lacking confidence, feel intimidated by gyms or just want a little help, I can help you become more confident in yourself, your body, your movement and your coordination, so you can feel yourself, whether in the middle of an activity or not.

Regardless of the service, I can help you train with Longevity in mind and depending on your goals, can Manage & Improve your Pain Levels, Quality of Life, Functional Capacity, Neuromuscular/Motor Skill Coordination & Mental Health through Exercise, and/or help you to Prevent Injury, Lose Weight, Improve Muscular Strength, Endurance, Power, Speed, Agility, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability and Balance.


I currently work with a small clientele, most of which are athletes and/or have health conditions, including; Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Chronic Pain of all kinds, Arthritis, Autism, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Nerve & Bone Grafts and a range of other chronic health conditions; musculoskeletal or otherwise; although I’m able to help anyone, regardless of their health. 

Over their time spent with me, they’ve been able to make improvements in their activity and work capacity, strength, pain levels and quality of life, among many other metrics, both objective and subjective. 

Before starting my business, I completed my Strength & Conditioning practical hours and training through the University of the Sunshine Coasts Sports Clinic, where I worked with National and State level athletes ranging from BMX and Triathletes, all they way to AFL, NRL, MMA & Weightlifting athletes.  I even had the pleasure to help train Australian Paralympian’s competing in Wheelchair Basketball.  After which I was also the Strength & Conditioning Coach for prospective NRL referees with the NRL’s Emerging Academy Program.


I’ve learnt a lot over these years, through my studies, my interactions with a wide variety of health & fitness professionals and my own personal, lived experience and research, and as such, I want to share my knowledge, experience and chronic pain journey to help prevent anyone from going through everything I went through, whether you currently have pain or not. 

Coupling this with my passion for sport and helping people, I’ll also help to teach people how to move and exercise in a way that’s both efficient and suitable for themselves and their goals, to not only improve performance, but prevent injuries and flare ups in the process. 

Whether your goal is to become a professional athlete or just simply to be able to perform any form of exercise at all, I will improve your technique, your neuromuscular coordination, prevent injury and help you become a stronger, happier and healthier individual who’s able to perform at their best, both during physical activity and throughout your everyday life.


I’ve tried just about everything and seen countless health & fitness professionals, and overall was unimpressed by the lack of knowledge, compassion and understanding displayed.  That’s not to say it’s their fault either.  If you haven’t been through something yourself, it can be virtually impossible to properly comprehend.

The importance of lived experience may be the single most important thing when it comes to being truly understood. 

I’m a very empathetic person, and there’s no way I would’ve been able to comprehend the difficulty of what I’ve been through before I actually went through it.

In regards to Chronic Pain; Because I’ve been through and am currently going through it, I can be genuinely empathetic towards your situation.  The fact there’s no one ‘FIX’ for chronic pain (like most things in life), means I’ll always change and adapt my programs, exercises & methods to you, the individual, as opposed to thinking ‘mine or yours’ is the correct/only way.  There’s nothing worse than someone who tells you how you feel or how to feel when they’ve never been through, or are living with something similar themselves.

Key Customers

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Although I have a special interest in chronic back pain, I provide an array of services that can be tailored directly to you.

I will not entertain the notion of ‘key customers’ as everyone will be treated as equally important.

With this in mind, along with my diverse skill set, I’ve decided to offer a wide range of services available to everyone. Some of which include;

  • Chronic Pain Management & Education
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaching
  • Sports Training
  • NDIS and people with Disabilities
  • Youth & Children’s Training, including Junior & Adolescent Training & Development
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mobile Training
  • Remote Zoom/Skype/Tele-Health Consultations
  • Corporate & Workplace Health
  • Seniors/Masters
  • Group & Outdoor Training
  • Program Writing, Testing & Assessment
  • ADVENTURES, EXPERIENCES & TOURS – Including;                                            Playing/Watching Sport, Beach Trips, Nature Walks/Mountain Climbs, Movies, Arcades, Activities, Go Karting, Tree Top Challenges, or anything at all you’d like!

You will be supported, encouraged and valued as a person, not just during sessions, but throughout your entire journey with me.

I will draw from my own experience regarding the need to be tenacious and thrive in the face of adversity, especially during times of self-doubt and lowered motivation, and use this to your benefit so I can help improve your mental resilience and get you genuine, long term results.

Check out what I offer and all the benefits in the Services Tab at the top of the page!

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Launching Specials, Sales, Promotions & Offerings!

  • Become a founding client by becoming one of the first 20 people to purchase a service and receive 10% off all of your sessions for an entire year!


  • Referral system – Refer someone to me and you both get 20% off your next session!
  • Up to a 32% discount when purchasing a training bundle (min 5 sessions of any service) in advance.
  • Check my Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for regular discounted sessions, programs and competitions, and feel free to forward any posts and emails to any friends or family.
  • Look out for discounted sessions through local papers and online advertisements.
  • Training sponsorships & scholarships will also become available soon, so check for updates!

Booking & Payments

Card and cash payments accepted in and out of studio. Book online, over the phone, pay upfront or pay on delivery of service. Ask about scheduled payment options. No lock in contracts. Make a Square customer account and you can keep a card on file, book and pay all in one transaction!

As this is also an informational website, it is quite content heavy. Although I’ve tried to make this website easy to navigate, I apologise in advance if you’re having trouble finding what you need.

Get in contact through your preferred method, or the contact tab at the top of the page for an obligation free chat to see if I can help you.

Ben Taylor – Founder/Owner of The Chronic Pain Trainer™


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The Chronic Pain Trainer and management

My studio is a safe, comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable environment for a 1 on 1 session, or even a 1 on 2 session if you’d prefer to train with someone you know or just bring someone along for support. Larger Groups or Can’t Make It In?        I can also come to your sporting precinct, gym, home, school, workplace or any place of your choosing.
Even if that’s on a mountain or at the beach.

The Chronic Pain Trainer™ is located in Beerwah, on Queensland’s picturesque Sunshine Coast.             A maximum 35-minute drive for any of the 350,000 people in the area, it’s a prime location for the health and fitness industry due to the weather, environment and population. I plan to run from two fixed locations; one currently operational in Beerwah, and one in a yet to be confirmed location closer to the coastline.

For yourself, the parent, partner or carer 

Feel free to watch TV, read, have some snacks, coffee, tea or refreshments in studio.

You can also sit outside or even bring your pet to run around in the large fenced yard!
Just enquire about this one first so I have time to prepare (haha).

Fresh water will always be available and you’ll also have the option to try a complimentary snack or protein powder with your session.
These will be changed up every week.

Chronic Pain Management


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Qualified with Sports Medicine Australia & The Australian Strength & Conditioning Association, I’m held to continuing education standards with them and by all the other peak bodies I’m a member of and qualified with, but will always strive to fill the gaps in my knowledge to ensure anyone I’m working with has the best experience and outcome possible.

Utilising research, publications and information from SMA, ASCA, BJSM, JSAMS, FITNESSAUS/AUSactive and NOI, I’m always up skilling, researching and at the scientific forefront of these fields to gain as much knowledge and insight as possible.
Translating this evidence-based research into real world results is then what I strive for so I can help you achieve your goals.

I also seek local contacts from peak health and chronic disease organisation’s, so I can be in contact with the management of organisations and any health professionals that you require.
Throughout my journey I’ve made quite a few connections with a wide variety of health professionals.

I’ve personally learnt from some of the best on the coast and gained knowledge and insight from leading professionals from all over the world.
Because I’ve seen so many, I will also be able to provide recommendations and opinions on health professionals I’ve personally found to be helpful.
I can refer you on to professionals I believe would be beneficial to you or you can get a referral or clearance from your own health professional to train with me, whether you have a current injury or not.

I would’ve loved to know everything I know now when I first became injured. It would’ve helped me exponentially. Injury setbacks are awful, so having someone with lived experience who knows what they’re doing by your side will fast track your improvement.
With extensive knowledge and experience dealing with Chronic Pain, Back Pain and Injury Prevention, along with a high focus on exercise technique, I’ll be able to minimise your risk of injury so you can train harder, safer and avoid injury setbacks.
Saving you time, pain and money.

Sport makes exercise FUN!

Studies consistently show that supervised and planned resistance training is dramatically more effective than unsupervised training due to the increased training adherence, intensity and volume, therefore improving overall training quality.

An effective resistance and aerobic training program, whether integrated with a sport or not, will make everyday life easier.
Along with being a great social activity, it has the ability to improve your health across the board.

Better sleep, lower resting and active heart rate, reduced soreness, the ability to perform mental and physical activities more easily, move more efficiently, improved mental health, improved cardiovascular health and improved muscular strength and endurance are just some of the benefits you can experience with these types of activity.
This is the best preventative health measure a person can take, and the benefits to your overall health are almost endless.

Unfortunately, but understandably, many children and adults don’t play any sport or rarely even exercise simply because they are self-conscious about their abilities or feel like they won’t be treated equally because of their skill level and ability.

People having fun, socializing and enjoying themselves while remaining safe and injury free should be the main reasons exercise professionals and sporting organization’s should be trying to get you involved. The health benefits are just gravy!

Having said that, possessing proficient skills during exercise and sport can be extremely advantageous.

By no means do you have to be a superstar, but the better you are at something the more likely you are to enjoy it, stick to it and help prevent yourself from getting injured.

Additionally, motor skill learning is improved through a variety of activities.
You don’t have to specialize.

I can improve your motor skills by teaching you the fundamental technique of an activity or movement relevant to your body and experience level, which will then give you the best opportunity to improve and excel.

Not to mention the decreased risk of sustaining an injury.

So, if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t want to embarrass yourself, are lacking confidence, feel intimidated by gyms and club sport or just want a little help, I can provide these services in a safe, flexible and low-pressure environment.
I can help you become more confident in yourself, your body, your movement and your coordination so you can be happy whether in the middle of an activity or not.

The more proficient you are at a sport, exercise or activity, the more likely you are to play and enjoy it over a longer period of time. Keeping you active for longer and making it easier to integrate sport and exercise both now and throughout your entire life.

Youth strength and Conditioning training programs

The Multidisciplinary Approach

Throughout my journey I found the lack of collaboration between professionals to be quite disheartening, and because of this, the conflicting opinions and treatments became infuriating over time.

So if you’re seeing anyone else and are willing, I strongly encourage collaboration and communication between myself and the other health and fitness professionals you’re seeing. 

This is of course completely up to you, and if you’re ready to train, no one else even needs to be involved.

The evidence is overwhelming to indicate that a multidisciplinary approach to treatment yields the best outcomes for patients.

Alternatively, I can help build a team around you dedicated to your health, performance and wellbeing.
Here we can take your personal ideas into consideration and come up with a plan or program moving forward that’s completely individualised to you.
If for any reason I’m not able to help you, I’ll refer you on to someone who can.

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Depending on your health fund and level of cover, my services may entitle you to a rebate.

Unsure if your private health fund provider offers rebates on services like mine?
Get in contact with them to find out. It might just be worth it!

Depending on the fund, you may be required to get a GP to sign off, get a health or disease management form or to obtain a referral.

I also offer services to NDIS Self and Plan Managed participants.

Some of the private health funds that provide rebates include –

Australian Unity
Health Partners
RT Health
Phoenix Health Fund
Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd
Teachers Health Fund
Westfund Health

Additional private health funds not included here may also be eligible.

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The Chronic Pain Trainer™ is dedicated to the memory of Elvis

29/06/2008 – 03/11/2021